6 tips to soothe dry skin


Tried moisturizers to get relief from dry skin? Whenever possible, follow these easy home tips too, which are efficient and cost effective and without any side effects.

Aloevera :

Slice an aloevera leaf at its side and massage that fresh pulp on to the dry skin. Leave it overnight or atleast one hour before bath. Easy and absolutely no side effects.


Add a cup of milk to your bath water. You can also massage your body with milk cream half an hour before bath. You can also add oats powder to milk or curd and massage with it. Very widely followed tip and effective too!!

Egg white:

Mix egg white and honey apply on desired areas. Wash off with warm water after it dries. Your skin breathes with this mask.


Mash a ripe banana  and add honey if desired. Massage your body and bathe after half an hour. Your skin turns simply smooth!!


Massage your body with sesame oil or coconut oil or olive oil an hour before bath. Bathe with warm water. Enjoy that smooth and glowing skin!!

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