6 essentials for hair growth

Most of us worry about our hair for different reasons, let it be dandruff, premature greying, thinning or heavy loss of hair, split ends etc. If one has a knowledge of the various nutrients which are essential for hair, these worries can be reduced. Let’s have a quick snap of all those nutrients our hair is made of and the diet which provides them to us.

1. Chromium:

Deficiency of Chromium causes loss of hair. Have onions, tomatoes, potatoes, beans, bananas and apples to supply this element to your hair.

2. Protein :

Proteins helps in rebuilding of new cells in our body and hair. Chicken, fish, eggs, milk and milk products like paneer, cheese, ghee, curd etc.,, soya, nuts, cereals and pulses provide adequate essential amino acids required for hair.

3. Iron:

Foods like meat, eggs, green leafy vegetables, ragi, jowar, oats, wheat, apricot etc. reduces anemia and improves hair growth.

4. Vitamin C:

Iron absorption in the body is enhanced with the intake of vitamin C. Eat more citrus fruits like lemon, oranges, berries, curd, chillies, guavas, apples to obtain this vitamin.

5. Biotin:

Biotin generates keratin which helps avoiding premature graying and controls hair fall.  Unpolished rice, egg yolk, cereals, milk, curd and liver are rich in Biotin.

6. Copper:

Prevents premature graying and avoids hair fall. Beans , eggs, fresh green leafy vegetables, pulses and cereals, meat and fish are rich in copper.

Also drink water in plenty to keep your hair hydrated and shining!!!

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