Family..The Indian way!!

Family is the basic foundation stone for an Indian community. Right from the birth to the death, each and every celebration is linked with family. When a child is born, naming ceremony is done in the presence of all family elders and relatives with joy and pomp. First rice feeding and first hair shaving of a baby must be done only under the presence of maternal uncle and other relatives.

If it is a girl child, even more care is taken by the entire family members, including grand parents, maternal and paternal uncles, aunts, parents and siblings. The event of a girl attaining puberty is celebrated according to tradition and the girl receives all the moral and mental support from the elders along with their blessings. The real Indian family sentiments and joys are best viewed at the time of marriage of their son or daughter. If a person buys a house, then his sisters are a definite must at the time of house warming ceremony. When a person dies, all the relatives must be present to ensure that the soul rests in peace and all the rituals are carried accordingly.

Neighbors and friends too form a part of family in India and are always a help in one’s thick and thin. In the Indian context, stronger family bonds ensures a safer community and a happier nation. Even a highly educated girl will automatically tune her mind to take care of her family after marriage and gives career a second option in most Indian families. She takes care of her in laws and maintains cordial relationships with all other relatives. Kids are always ensured that they maintain friendly relation with their cousins and are taught a habit of sharing. Any family occasion will be a colorful gathering of all the friends and relatives, which is a nice opportunity to share their joys and lessen their sorrows.

On this family day 2014 (in some parts of  the world), I would like to express my hearty thanks to God for giving me such a wonderful family. My grandmother is the first to be mentioned. She loved us unconditionally  but is no more with us. She left her lovely memories to us and had gone to heaven to spread her love there. My Dad who is my best friend since my child hood, my mom who cares us and guides us, my little sister who is my friend and guide and my little brother who always fights with my son, my husband who is my support forever and encourages all my ideas, my little son who changed my world, and my in laws who takes care of me like their own daughter, my maternal uncle who is  my well wisher, my friends who help me a lot and all other relatives who taught me what life is!!

One response to “Family..The Indian way!!

  1. Lovely post ..
    Money comes goes
    Friends comes goes
    Jobs comes goes
    Day comes goes
    Family will be always there…whatever situation…I love my family…na life lo 3 devatalu nannu na bagogulu choosukunnaru…na bamma, amma, bangaram…for me family is first…happy family day….andarooo bagundali…


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