Beat the work stress!!

Stress at office can manipulate itself into many forms like headache, back pain, mood swings, irregular appetite, sleep disorders, anxiety, short temper etc., The sad thing is that there is no “delete” button in our lives to remove stress. However, the good news is that by making little changes in our lifestyle, its side effects can be minimized. Studies indicate women who work at offices are more prone to lifestyle diseases compared to those who don’t. Care should be taken by all those working women keeping this in mind and these little tips will help a lot in practice.

  • Don’t skip breakfast how hurry you are in. Eat a fruit and have a glass of milk at least. Plan for quick recipes before hand. Fruits, corn flakes, boiled eggs, brown bread sandwiches etc. are easier options. At least carry whole grain biscuits or dry fruits in your handbag and have them while on the go.
  • As soon as you enter office, don’t rush to work. Wish all your friends/colleagues with a wholehearted smile. Smile relaxes all your muscles and relieves you a lot.
  • Take breaks for every one hour and have liquids like water, green tea, fruit juice without added sugar, buttermilk etc. to keep you fresh.
  • Stretch your body and allow your muscles to relax. Do simple exercises which can be done at your desk.
  • Walk down the stairs and avoid lift. Take a short walk for every two hours for at least 15 minutes in the open garden. Let the sunlight and open air De-stress you.
  • Talk to your kids or loved ones on phone when you feel stressed and relax.
  • If you have sports, yoga or hobby center at office, spare some time and involve in them. This positively increases your productivity.
  • Don’t take any comments at office to heart. If you can, treat them positively or if not, just avoid them.
  • Sip herbal tea made from rosemary, lemongrass, cinnamon or green tea with various flavors. They reduce stress to a lot extent.
  • Avoid oily foods or foods rich in simple carbohydrates for lunch. Opt for rotis, fruits, brown rice, red rice, ragi, jowar or other complex carbohydrate foods.
  • Include curd or buttermilk in lunch daily. It reduces fatigue and keeps you refreshed.
  • Have healthier snacks like fruits, raw vegetables, home made sandwiches, dry fruits and avoid junk and oily foods.
  • Plan ahead all the work related tasks. Maintain a planner and adhere to it. Have a scheduler or notes to remember all the office related tasks and appointments.
  • Drinking cold water also proved to relieve headaches due to stress.
  • Maintain correct posture, organize your desk ergonomically to avoid back pain.
  • Put an inspirational quote on your desk and get positive energy from it.
  • Keep your desk clutter free and avoid wasting time in searching for petty things.

Remember,  it is that you are working for you and your family. Don’t bring the work stress to home. Leave it at your office exit gate !!

3 responses to “Beat the work stress!!

  1. I like the idea of putting a yellow flower in the workplace. It seems cheery and it’s a nice counterpart to going outside to be in the sun. It is like bringing a little bit of sunshine back inside with you.
    A very useful suggestion you offered is to not take stray comments in the workplace to heart. I think this is sage advice. I appreciate this suggestion very much.


    • Yes. Fresh soothe us a lot. Also we don’t need to take any comments to heart because its all official and i believe nobody can hurt us without our permission.


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