Help me from hair loss!!


Hair is the crowning glory for any body’s look. The recent changes in lifestyle, pollution , food habits and stress is causing hair loss irrespective of age at an alarming levels. Every year millions of business runs around hair products in the beauty market, which shows the severity of the problem. Having an awareness of causes and preventive measures for hair loss and the care to be taken means a lot of help to us.

Causes of hair loss in women:

1. Deliveries, operations, chemotherapy and contraceptives are known for their side effect of hair loss.

2. Wrong dieting without proper medical guidance for a long stretch is very bad to hair.

3.Protein and iron deficiency, thyroid disorders, typhoid conditions triggers hair loss.

4. Stress, depression and severe psychological issues negatively effect hair growth.

5.Fungal infections and dandruff are direct causes for hair loss.

6. Wearing hair too tightly with pins, bands, clips; not drying hair properly and combing wet hair in a hurry; wearing tight caps; combing too much; using hair colors, unwanted hair styling treatments; too frequent head baths; not oiling or  not oiling at allare all causes of hair fall.

Tips to prevent hair loss:

1. Use contraceptives or any high power drugs on doctor’s advise only.

2. Improper dieting or fad diets are strict no nos. Take proper guidance if you want to go on a diet.

3. Consume food rich in protein like green leafy vegetables, veggies and fruits, eggs, cheese, milk, curd, soy, tofu, panneer, cereals as a part of balanced diet to strengthen your hair.

4.Use wide mouthed combs and plait your hair loose. Allow your hair to breathe.

5. Drink enough water to prevent split ends and to let your hair shine.

6.Let your hair dry naturally to air. Avoid too much rubbing using towel to dry your hair. Avoid using hair driers as they weaken the hair roots.

7. Massage your hair with lukewarm coconut oil twice a week in circular motion. It improves blood circulation to hair roots and strengthens them.

8. Use lukewarm water for hair bath. Hot water can weaken hair follicles. Head bath twice a week is sufficient, overly doing it may remove all natural oils required for hair growth.

9. Do certain yoga poses specially designed to improve blood circulation to hair.

10. Avoid sharing combs with others to prevent any unwanted infections from spreading.

11. A tip for ladies bulletin readers: Pour two mugs of normal tap water at room temperature on your hair at the end of your hair bath. It improves blodd circulation and keeps your hair strong.

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